Winner of the Greatest Loser Award

Philadelphia Phillies were the first American sports team to lose their 10,000th game. In 2007, Ryan Howard struck out and ended the game marking the team’s 10,000th loss—Philadelphia fans cheered in celebration of this historical moment.

There was a rugby player famous for fingering other players in the butt!

Everyone wants to leave a legacy, few people ever do. But would you rather not leave a legacy, or be known as ‘the guy who kept putting his thumb up people’s bumholes during professional Rugby games’? That is just the case for John Hopoate. Poor guy. Originally from Tonga, Hopoate began playing in the Austrailian [...]

A High School swim team got their championship taken away because one girl shaved too late!

The strange punishment for “improper shaving” actually has a good intention behind it. The actual rule is that contestants may not shave any part of their body after they arrive at the competition facilities. The reason behind it is that if they let them do it, the chances of people sharing razors, and using unsafe [...]

Most Dangerous High School and College Sport

There are more head and spinal injuries from cheerleading than from all other high school and college sports combined (New York Times). According to, there are about 16,000 serious injuries from cheerleaders performing stunts and tumbles. Even though most common injuries are strains and sprains (52% of injuries), cheerleading injuries extend beyond sprains to [...]

Epic amount of World Series Error’s

A total of 63 errors were made in the 1886 World Series. The St. Louis Browns beat the Chicago White Stockings 4-2. Old school classic.

A Colombian soccer player was murdered for scoring an ‘own goal’ in the 1994 World Cup!

Soccer fans (or should I say “futbol”) take the sport very very seriously. Too seriously judging from the after events of a 1994 World Cup match between the United States and Colombia. During the game, which Colombia was expected to win, one of their players, Andres Escobar, accidentally scored on his own goal. This gave [...]

Ken Griffey Junior

Despite being allergic to chocolate, Junior had a bar named after him. He may have hit 630 home runs and displayed breathtaking athleticism during his illustrious career, but Ken Griffey Jr. did have one weakness. Chocolate

Who Would Have Guessed The World Chess Federation does anti-doping tests on players!

The World Chess Federation along with the International and National Olympic Committees all want everyone to play fair. Much unlike the Professional sports leagues in the U.S.A. They take extra measures to make sure the sport of chess is a fair and clean game upheld by the greatest integrity. They encourage and work to ensure [...]

Which country has won the most Winter Olympic medals?

Norway has won the most medals (263) at the Winter Games.

Tennis pro Evonne Goolagong’s last name means “kangaroo’s nose” in Australia’s aboriginal language.

Tennis pro Evonne Goolagong’s last name means “kangaroo’s nose” in Australia’s aboriginal language.On average, 42,000 balls are used and 650 matches are played at the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament.